Successful Cognitive and Emotional Aging, Dilip Jeste

Successful Cognitive and Emotional Aging

Successful Cognitive and Emotional Aging
Published by American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.
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The next two decades will see a profound demographic transformation toward an aging population on a scale never seen before in the entire human history. There have been recent scientific findings on healthy brain aging that have challenged the centuries-old thinking, paving the way for new strategies to maintain and enhance cognitive abilities, functioning, and well-being in older age. From topics as diverse as genes and molecular building blocks to physical exercise, nutrition, wisdom, and spirituality, the editors of Successful Cognitive and Emotional Aging have gathered the foremost experts in aging research in a monograph designed to provide the state of the science of healthy brain aging in practical terms. This book should prove invaluable to clinicians, scientists, students, and for anyone with a desire to learn more about how to increase the odds of successful cognitive and emotional aging.

paperback | 441 pages | 9781585623518 | August 24, 2009