Clinical Handbook of Schizophrenia, Schizophrenia, Dilip Jeste

Clinical Handbook of Schizophrenia

Clinical Handbook of Schizophrenia
Published by The Guilford Press
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Reviewing the breadth of current knowledge on schizophrenia, this handbook provides clear, practical guidelines for effective assessment and treatment in diverse contexts. Leading authorities have contributed 61 concise chapters on all aspects of the disorder and its clinical management. In lieu of exhaustive literature reviews, each chapter summarizes the state of the science; highlights key points the busy practitioner needs to know; and lists recommended resources, including seminal research studies, invaluable clinical tools, and more. Comprehensive, authoritative, and timely, the volume will enable professionals in any setting to better understand and help their patients or clients with severe mental illness.

Hardcover | 650 pages | 9781593856526 | March 27, 2008